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Our mission is to create sustainable and regenerative methods for clean farming practices. We are committed to researching and creating a positive impact on the local agricultural community by sharing our knowledge of alternative soil processes and natural composting techniques.


Grown by Green is a local Cannabis Cultivation facility based in Massachusetts. Our company focuses on creating sustainable, regenerative soil practices that can be translated into large-scale Cannabis production. Our goal is to create high-quality, organic Cannabis flower using our clean soil methods. Our company was founded in 2020 by our President, Kaleb Green, who has over 7 years of experience in the legacy cannabis industry.

Our message is as follows:

"People are looking for high-quality cannabis without the worry of additional chemicals or pesticides contaminating their product. As we enter the age of mass-producing Cannabis flower, the likelihood that chemical preservatives and pesticides in the finished flower will increase as time goes on. Our founder, Kaleb Green, has spent the last few years formulating sustainable living soil beds which are rich in nutrients and sustained on natural compost and compost tea.

These living soil beds generate a cleaner product while also reducing cost and creating a smaller carbon footprint. We also rely on utilizing methods like crop rotation, which allow our soil beds to regenerate our bacteria biomes while also introducing disease-fighting bacteria to used soil, reducing the risk of disease in our crops. We use the best quality inputs and genetics to maintain only the best quality of flower, done by a process formulated by our founder with his years of knowledge in the legacy market. Ensuring the genetic lineage of our flower decreases the risk of widespread disease and genetic deformities without the need for chemicals.

Our product is made for adult cannabis consumers who want a cleaner smoking experience. The best consumption experience will always be the purest one. That is why we give our promise that our product will be cleaner than the competition. We care about giving our clientele a custom smoking experience. We take pride in the care we put into our farming methods and want to share that success with our customers. For Grown by Green, cannabis is more than just flower to be mass-produced and shipped. It’s an entire experience, from soil to flower."

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